Hrishikesh Pathak
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Hey there,

I'm Hrishikesh.

I am an full-stack application developer for Android/iOs and web. Please explore the site. I am glad you are here.


Some recent posts.

The complete guide to building, testing, and deploying flutter apps with codemagic CI/CD

Codemagic CI/CD abstract out application building and releasing task and let you foucus more on writing code. Push the latest release and codemagic wil handle the rest for you.

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Deploy your Next.js app on Cloudflare pages

Cloudflare page is the latest buzzword in the JAMstack developer landscape. This is a step-by-step guide to host your Next.js site in Cloudflare pages. Know its limitations. Is it suitable for you? Let's find out.

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Use file picker in flutter

If you want to process files in your app and let user choose their file of choice, file-picker is the right way to proceed.

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I like to solve problems.


How to implement syntax highlighting in your ReactJS or nextjs site with the help of a prismJs based NPM package, called prism-react-renderer.