Quick tips for developers

How to get the frame rate of a video using ffmpeg

Getting the frame rate of a video is very important in encoding and transcoding a video. This is the easiest and straightforward way to get the same.


Install Jellyfin on PopOS, mint, and other Ubuntu derivatives

Installing Jellyfin on Ubuntu-based distributions like PopOS and Linux Mint is more complex. Change the DISTRO variable to make it work.


Read Notion databases using Notion API

First, create a notion integration, then use notion client JavaScript SDK to query the notion database. Now extract page IDs and fetch notion pages using notion API.


How to add a Newsletter to your website for free

You can send free newsletters using Hashnode. We reverse engineer Hashnode API to add new subscribers and send newsletters programmatically. Cloudflare Worker proxy server is used to bypass CORS restriction.


Schedule Cloudflare Worker using Cron Triggers

You can use cron triggers to schedule Cloudflare Worker. Define your cron triggers with specific notation and Cloudflare will handle the rest. You can see the logs and upcoming jobs in your workers log tab.