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Solve Failed to Connect to Port 443: Couldn't connect to server

If you are using an IPV6-only host then this issue occurs when you want to pull something from GitHub. To date, GitHub doesn’t support IPV6 addresses and hence you get this error.

In this blog, You will learn how to get around this issue. Remember, this is only a temporary fix until GitHub officially supports IPV6-only servers (or hosts).

Use a Proxy Server

You can use a proxy server that proxy your IPV6 request to GitHub. It means You use the IPV4 address of the proxy server to access GitHub.

There are many proxy servers available to use for this purpose, but I find is working and consistent.

Let’s take an example. You want to clone repository to your IPV6-only host. To achieve this, just replace the with So the final URL should look like

git clone

Use Alternative Services

GitLab and Bitbucket support IPV6 by default. It is preferable to host your repository to either GitLab or BitBucket. They are almost the same as GitHub and offer the same services for developers.

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