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Convert SVG into PNG in Cloudflare worker

Converting an SVG image into PNG format can easily be done with the help of resvg-js library. As Cloudflare workers don’t support Nodejs native APIs, we will use a Web-assembly backend of resvg-js.

Install resvg-wasm package

You can install the resvg-wasm package from npm.

npm i @resvg/resvg-wasm

Then copy the index_bg.wasm file from the resvg-wasm package to your src directory.

cp node_modules/@resvg/resvg-wasm/index_bg.wasm ./src/

Initialize resvg-wasm module

In your worker file, import @resvg/resvg-wasm package and the index_bg.wasm module.

import { Resvg, ResvgRenderOptions, initWasm } from '@resvg/resvg-wasm';
import resvgwasm from './index_bg.wasm';

Now initialize the web assembly module using the initWasm function.

try {
	await initWasm(resvgwasm as WebAssembly.Module);
} catch (error) {
	console.error('Resvg wasm not initialized');

Convert SVG into PNG using resvg

Now we instantiate the Resvg object with the svg image file.

const opts = {
	font: {
		loadSystemFonts: false,

const resvg = new Resvg(svg,opts);

Then we use render() and asPng() methods to generate the PNG Buffer.

const pngData = resvg.render();
const pngBuffer = pngData.asPng();

You can serve this PNG buffer directly from your Cloudflare worker with the appropriate header.

return new Response(pngBuffer, {
	headers: { 'Content-Type': 'image/png', 'Cache-Control': 'public, immutable, no-transform, max-age=31536000' },
	status: 200,

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